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14 Questions and Answers on Left-Libertarianism

What follows are some 101 questions and answers I designed for a Students for Liberty meeting at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. None of these questions or answers were needed because the group was so well engaged, but I decided to repost them here... Read More | Share it now!

Coming Attractions…

I’ve been itching to write some full-scale blogs on various topics here but so far my Patreon just isn’t making me enough to invest too much time into that. So I typically focus on Abolish Work and C4SS (and its Youtube channel)... Read More | Share it now!

I Want Friends, Not Community + My Comrades

Nick’s Notes: “I Want Friends, Not Community” is republished with Apio Ludd’s explicit permission. I’m republishing “My Comrades” as a nice additional piece under Apio’s recent and generous permission to... Read More | Share it now!

“Illegalism: Why Pay for a Revolution on the Installment Plan…When You Can Steal One?” by Paul Z. Simmons

This essay was originally published in the Fall-Winter 2013-2014 edition of Modern Slavery. I have explicitly heard from one of Simmon’s friends that he would love this piece to spread. So in that light, here is a transcribed version of the 25... Read More | Share it now!

Paul Z. Simmons Supplement #2: “I hate the resigned!” by Albert Libertad

I hate the resigned! I hate the resigned, like I hate the filthy, like I hate layabouts! I hate the resigned! I hate filthiness, I hate inaction. I feel for the sick man bent under the malignant fever; I hate the imaginary sick man that a little bit of... Read More | Share it now!

Paul Z. Simmons Supplement #1: New York Times article on Vaillant the Anarchist

DETAILS OF THE EXECUTION OF VAILLANT, THE ANARCHIST PARIS, Feb 5 – With the cry of “Death to the Bourgeoisie!” “Long live anarchy!” Vaillant, the Anarchist whose name has been on the lips of Parisians ever since the 9th... Read More | Share it now!

AKA This is a Review of Jessica Jones Season 1

(Content Warning: Discussions of rape, sexual assault, etc.) Confession time: Originally, I had very little interest in watching Jessica Jones. After all, the show was focusing on a Marvel character I barely knew anything about. And on the surface... Read More | Share it now!

“My Dear and Delightful Friend,” by Apio Ludd

Nick’s Notes: This short essay was originally published in the Early Summer 2015 version of My Own. My Own: Self-Ownership and Self-Creation against all Authority is an egoist pamphlet published by Apio Ludd. I’ve republished this with... Read More | Share it now!

A (More Formal) Response to “X Legal Rights Women Have That Men Don’t”

A Response to Sloth – Introduction A bunch of months ago I penned a response (originally mostly on Facebook) to this article by Janet Bloomfield. The Facebook comment wasn’t originally intended to be a developed blog post but got... Read More | Share it now!

A Rough Guide to Spotting Bad Articles

The Real Reason You Don’t Know The Truth About Everything Ever…It’ll Surprise You! The above is a fantastic info-graphic and gets to the heart of what makes a lot of so-called “science” unfalsifiable or otherwise hard to... Read More | Share it now!

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