Looks like nothing has changed and workers are still under attack from governments, like the workers in New Zealand, I especially like the end part where the article encourages solidarity with your fellow workers and not to any party or employer. Workers must keep in mind that’s it’s their fight, not the corrupt bosses and not the corrupt unions that are both helped out by the state. The enemy is the state and it’s accomplices.

This is so wrong I have almost no words to sum it up, women are being chained up during their labor.

Can war be economically good for a country? Seems pretty easy to determine no but not to “deficit hawks” and the like.

“What you shouldn’t do in a debate over war, at least if you want to maintain your status as a Non-Despicable Person, is argue that bombing and occupying a foreign nation makes good economic sense. Even if it were true as an academic point, it’s grotesquely out of place in a discussion of matters of life and death. War, if it can ever be justified — and I have my doubts — can only be so on the grounds that it is absolutely necessary to protecting human life: there is no other choice, it’s a last resort.”

Bryan Caplan usually noted for being a well known and respected economist but apparently social issues do not deserve as much attention.

Arm Your Mind For Liberty

George Donnelly has some new blogs worth checking out not least of which is news about a play that may be going on at Liberty Forum 2011.

He also has an update on his prosecution.

Free Dissent*

I recently posted Where Anarchists Should Stand on IP which is worth looking at if you haven’t gotten into the IP fray yet.


Gary Charier comes back with a new blog on a topic he’s addressed before in a new light which is left libertarianism

That’ll do it for today, I may be attending a Social Anarchist book fair so if you’re around say hi to me or take a look at the ALL table I may be manning. 🙂