PARIS, Feb 5 – With the cry of “Death to the Bourgeoisie!” “Long live anarchy!” Vaillant, the Anarchist whose name has been on the lips of Parisians ever since the 9th of December m when he threw the bomb in the chamber of Deputies, paid this morning the penalty of his crime.

The precautions taken by the authorities to prevent any Anarchist demonstration at the guillotine were perfect, and many of the crowd that had gathered to witness the execution, finding that the guards prevented them from seeing anything of the guillotine, left the vicinity of the Roquette Prison, in which Villant was awaiting the coming of the headsman, before the time it was expected that the execution would take place.

Judge l’Espinasses, before whom Vaillant was tried, arrived at the prison at an early hour. Shortly after, M. Lepine, Prefect of Police, visited the Place de la Roquette to see that ever precaution had been taken to guard against a demonstration.

After the guillotine had been set up in the Place de la Roquette, but a few feet from the doorway of the prison, by the assistants of M. Diebler, the State executioner, the latter appeared and tested the machine of death. After examining the pullets and finding that they worked all right, the knife was inserted. This knife, which is a foot wide, has a diagonal edge, one end being a foot longer than the other.

At 6:54 o’clock the gas lights in the vicinity of the prison began to pale. It was estimated at this time that not more than 700 or 800 people were waiting to see the execution, but as it grew later the crowd slightly increased, and at the time the knife fell about 1,200 were present. Many persons were standing on the roofs of houses, from which a view of the guillotine could be had. Everybody was remarkably silent. There was none of the shirking that usually marks an execution here.