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Blog Roll Call for the Week of 7/19/10


A new blog by this guy named Jock who has posts about Sheldon Richman’s talk about mutual aid, he also talks about what it means to actually have a freed market and finally how the profit motive isn’t necessarily linked to the idea of state-capitalism.

DB0 makes a recent story about the Pirate Party of Sweden using loopholes in the state’s rules to use the immunity state parties enjoy so they cannot be prosecuted for helping the pirating of music and websites of along. For more info look at his post located here. Now while sure it’s interesting, as DB0 points out it may not go so well for them,

“Rather what is happening is that they’ve found a loophole in the system which allows them to use it in a way the ruling elite didn’t plan to. This is a very good way to use the system actually but the problem is ultimately that the power still relies on the ruling elite. And when the new material circumstances make previous rules work against them, then they will make sure that the previous rules are modified enough to suit their interests.”

Little Alex makes a good post on his blog site about why US diplomats may not be seen as so altruistic with comments like this,

Solomon: ‘It’s been seven years since we invaded Iraq, and there is so much sorrow in the world. I don’t see things getting a lot better.‘

Shultz: ‘You ought to come out to California. We have problems out here; but the sun is shining, and it’s pleasant here on the Stanford campus.’

As Alex quotes,

“We fail to see the connection between our heavy-handed diplomacy and penchant for using force and the persistent anti-Americanism that occurs in the places where we’ve interfered most often. … But for men (and women) like him, the world is a stage on which to operate, and the consequences for others are just “collateral damage.”’

It looks like NYC officials are getting more creative with how they want to keep the poor and innovative out of little hotel rooms. More support is needed for these people, here’s his recommendation,

“George Donnelly and others say “Agorists should just use eBay and Craigslist!” The fallacy is that undercover cops will pretend to be customers. Any successful agorist will attract the attention of the State cartel he competes with. An “agoristbay” is needed, to facilitate counter-economics.”

NeverFox relates a story about more oppression of the innovative and the people who could use more change and use this innovation but are stopped by the state.

There’s seemingly a lack of justice in the justice system, but then is that a surprise?

There’s been this guy named Laughing Man who’s been espousing anti-statism on FaceBook and hacking profiles to put it on and sent another message which can be read here. The original can be found here.

How powerful IS war to an economy? As this post points out, not very in the long run.

Austro-Athenian Empire

The good and bad of direct action. (Blog section)

Heard of Thinking Liberty? If not you should tune in to it, it’s a great time for any liberty loving person!

Free Dissent*

Scott Ferrie has recently unleashed a shitton (that’s a metric ton plus a lot of shit out there for those unaware) of Benjamin Tucker posts that were made in his paper Liberty on copyright, the attitude of anarchists towards combination s of industries and putting theory into preactice just to name a few.

Rad Geek People’s Daily

And finally some more honesty from cops.

That’s it for this week, sure was a lot from anarchoblogs, maybe you could support them for all the work they do? They’re looking for donations and so far have only received $20 so there’s plenty of money to chip in!


Applying Market Anarchism and Libertarianism III: Final Applications


Blog Roll Call for the week of 7/26/10


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  4. Heh! Thanks for the link. I have actually been blogging for some years now, though would only call myself a bona fide anarchist for the last couple of those, but you’re right, it’s also had a bit of a make-over recently so I guess you could call it a “new blog” in more ways than one 🙂

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