Recently the “Shire Society Declaration was signed at the latest Porcfest and support is coming from unexpected fields, check out this guy’s piece on his support for that and agorism as well as the activism going on in Keene, NH in general located here.

A Division By Zero’s blog generally has good stuff and this is not exception, in it he explains how a book called For the Win actually has a lot of anarchist sympathies in it (specifically anarcho-syndacilism) regardless of whether the author intended it and recommends it.

Don’t expect the propping up of state-capitalism to stop any time soon as even some of the power elite are starting to admit now which some are exposing blog post by blog post.

While I do have mixed opinions on some of these really left-leaning anarchist blogs, I do like a lot of the solidarity that they show with labor such as this one for example.

There also examples of showing mutual aid for other people like helping advertise for communal flats which can be found here.

Want to work for BP for free while they pay not nearly as much as they should have? Well tough shit because if you were before you have been! And people can be dicks about it at the same time as well,

“[W]orkers can file a claim, but we will subtract the amount they are paid from BP from their claim. That is how it has to work . . . . Of course you can file a claim. You must file a claim, but you cannot get paid twice,”

And finally, when you say “think of the children!”, actually think about them and don’t rely on the state because of absurd shit like this. (Blog Section

Darian’s History of Anarchism is not available here in MP3 form.

Free Dissent*

Recently I’ve commented on the land issue between anarchists, some definitions and blogging issues I had with a fellow blogger, check it out.

And a new poster on Free Dissent talks about agorism as an alternative to politics and moral but useless practically speaking insurrection which can be read here.

Rad Geek People’s Daily

If you’ve got some libertarian friends on the edge about IP and patents perhaps you could show them this informative (and slightly disturbing) video on the subject.

That’s it for this week, glad I could make time to do it this time, until next time!