I apologize about skipping last week but after getting home from Porcfest in Lancaster NH I was completely worn out and just wanted to relax, but without further due here is the Special Secession Day edition of the Blog Roll Call for this week:


Looks like justifications for really being Afghanistan are switching, being withheld from the public or being used as an excuse to exploit the poor in Afghanistan, either way FSK reveals the pure garbage going on in Afghanistan thanks to the American empire.

An excerpt:

“Afghanistan’s recently-ratified Constitution has an interesting provision. Mineral rights belong to the central government, and not to local villagers! These $1T mineral deposits were stolen by Afghanistan State bureaucrats. They waited until now to disclose the mineral wealth, so people wouldn’t say “WTF? We were robbed!”

“You don’t own mineral rights to your own land.” is an example of corrupt State law. In the eastern USA, surface rights and mineral rights are usually jointly owned. In western states, the mineral rights are sold separately by the State. The mineral right owner may build a mine or well on your property to extract his mineral rights, even if the owner of the surface rights objects! If I owned a farm in Texas and an oil corporation wanted to put a well on my land, I would be legally required to allow it!”

Well I guess I’m not joining my local Al Queda chapter anytime soon due to stuff like this becoming more and more popular.

Little Alex in Wonderland also reveals with help from the Southern Avenger why The war in Afghanistan is crazy.

And Alex once again delves into another subject, namely G20 and exposes how Martial Law was enacted during it.

One question that is often asked of anarchists in an anarchist society is WWho would enforce the law? and this blogger relays some helpful definitions, responses and solutions to that question.

On a Division By Zero there’s a few interesting posts located here and here about making moral choices in video games.

Austro-Athenian Empire

William Graham Sumner and Dr. Long give you something to think about this Secession Day.


A presentation given at Porcfest on the history of anarchism can be found in it’s entirety here.

Free Association

Sheldon Richman has something to say on the topic of immigration.

Free Dissent*

Recently posts have been surging from my friend Scott Ferrie and so I find it fitting to give him a plug or two even if I may not completely agree with his opinion I find a lot of what he says useful nonetheless, like his introduction to anarchism, why it’s important and how it came to be in the first place.

And I also gave a short little post on my thoughts of the G20.

That’s all for this week! I’m thinking about adding some new blogs and getting rid of my few sites I have linked that really haven’t helped me much at all, if I do end up adding some blogs you’ll certainly see it.

Have a great Secession Day and make sure to break an unjust law! 🙂