It seems as if the reason for invading Afghanistan would be a lot further than terrorist hobgoblins and so forth if this little fact was known by Washington beforehand.

And if that last link was known by American officials beforehand then it seems like this short little blurb about it is completely on the mark.

It appears as if the Pentagon is gearing up to do more spying on individuals who more than likely are not terrorists but just free thinking people who don’t support the government, out of the flames of an old disbanded organization comes a new one.

‘” The new Foreign Intelligence and Counterintelligence Operation Records section will be housed in DIA’s Defense Counterintelligence and Human Intelligence Center, or D.C.H.C., formed after the demise of the Counterintelligence Field Activity, or CIFA, according to an announcement that appeared Tuesday in the Federal Register.

The “activity” was disbanded, but evidently not its records database, which seems to be headed to the new unit. One of the criticisms of CIFA was that it vacuumed up raw intelligence on legal protest groups and individuals from local police and military spies.”‘

There’s a mysterious idea going around that the government and BP could possibly be colluding and working together…nah that’s impossible! Well… maybe.

“A silly question, though: were you or I the subject of an ongoing investigation for possible criminal wrongdoing in the deaths of nearly a dozen people, countless wildlife and the livelihoods of many Gulf coast residents, ya think the president would be declaring how important it is for everyone that we, the accused, continue to be as “strong and viable” as we were before the alleged crime? To ask is to . . .”

Well I guess it could make sense but I’m still not convinced…

“To say the partnership between BP and the federal government is “unlikely” is about as naive a thing as one could write; it’s like remarking how “surprising” or “disappointing” it is that Obama hasn’t rolled back the power of the presidency since becoming . . . president. The Defense Department, the single largest energy user in the US with a carbon footprint greater than many countries, purchases the majority of its oil and gas from BP. ”


On the other hand what if the deposit WAS not known about in Afghanistan?

Well it still wouldn’t really matter.

“Now, the multinationals will swap supplies with governments and rent non-governmental military contractors to seal perimeters. This isn’t a long shot, by any means. Genocide and mass displacement will occur with any effort to tap these resources during occupation and without occupation, the resources won’t be significantly tapped. Do the math.

We’re not saying this hostile takeover is moral, ethical, legal or acceptable in any way. We’re saying it’s stupid to treat this story as irrelevant because it’s a long-term endeavor. It’s actually the long-term aspect of the endeavor and the obstacles along the way that foreshadow the atrocity of expediting access to the resources. We’re saying that there’s no reason to act as if corporations and governments will cease to be atrocious.”

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