"I love working for bosses! Don't you Mary Sue?"


…Nah just kidding!

You were expecting some sort of Ivory Tower FASH post right? Nah, this is just some preliminary research I want to save her for future use! 😛

What could I be cooking up?

I guess you’ll just have to wait and see! 😉

Preliminary research:

Taylorism, Progressivism, and the Rule by Experts

Seeing Like a State” (Crtl + F = Taylorism)

From Higher Aims to Hired Arms (Online version forthcoming(?)

Manufacturing Rationality: The Engineering Foundations of the Managerial Revolution (” “)

Legibility & Control: Themes in the Work of James C. Scott

Organization Theory (Particularly Chapter 3. sect. 8 but others as well)

Four Legs Good, Two Legs Bad