Here we have one of many anarchist responses to the concept of memorial day, check it out, it’s a decent look at why the “service” the men and women of the army do is nothing of the sort.

What happens when a joke political part is taken seriously? See for yourself here. I think it’ll be interesting to see what this party does to say the least but I doubt it’ll be anything extraordinary, they’ll either be corrupted themselves or the other parties will make majorities to halt their actions. I guess this just makes it more of a point about how useless politics is to freedom.

The federal reserve continues to bail out the bigger banks and leave the smaller ones further in the dust, this also empathizes the money money monopoly the state has and holds through privileges, find the link to more info here.

Shawn Wilbur has a good addendum to Kevin Carson’s “In a Truly Free Market, BP Would Be Toast” (Which can be found here) which is located on his own personal blog site Out of the Libertarian Labyrinth how the issue of markets and government goes deeper into the effects of the ecology of the planet.

I do think that anyone who believes the market alone, or government alone, or any combination of market and government will solve he problems posed by the Deepwater Horizon spill—without there first being a profound examination of the problems in precisely ecological terms, and with all the sacred cows of both market and government banished to other pastures—probably needs to go back to the drawing board.

A fellow anarchist on guns.

Division by Zero makes an insightful post on his blog here about self-management being the key to freedom not bosses.

I usually enjoy Neverfox’s blog and this post is no exception (though I profess to not reading too much of him but what I HAVE read I usually enjoyed) here he discusses the Nanny State actually pretty literally as he talks about the employing class using the state to further reductions in the employees options. Of course some right-libertarians may disagree with this working, as Neverfox remarks:

“See, laborers just happen to be stuck with this crappy set of options–the employing classes have absolutely nothing to do with it. And the owning classes just happen to have all these means of production on their hands, and the laboring classes just happen to be propertyless proletarians who are forced to sell their labor on the owners’ terms. The possibility that the employing classes might be directly implicated in state policies that reduced the available options of laborers is too ludicrous even to consider.”

Austro-Athenian Empire

Roderick Long’s only notable post for this week was for me a round up of articles that were done on BP which can be found here.

Free Dissent

I made a good post on Free Dissent concerning The State and Immigration.

Scott Ferrie, in keeping with his extreme leftist posts, posted a few barn burners (I can’t believe I just used that phrase) located here and here . And while I certainly don’t agree with them entirely (especially the first) I still think they’re topics worth discussing.


Gary Chartier is back with a vengeance with this post on how people can do things without the need of the oppressive state especially via a bottom-up means of organization.

That’s it for this week, hope everyone had a nice one!