In this weeks news…

Anarcho blogs:

Well I should begin by saying anarchoblogs is a HUGE collection of articles, essays, and links from all over the world, so often it’ll be tough for me just to narrow it down to one or two links I liked/thought was interesting. This is another thing to keep in mind just because I find a link and post it does not mean I agree with it even 1% it just means it stuck out to me in some way whether I liked it or I just found the viewpoint interesting.

In this link here this individual expands on some of RadGeek’s ideas about the whole Rand Paul debate and reminds us,

“The way the debate is being framed, there are only two sides: private actors who, given the chance, will inevitably be racist, versus public (state) civil rights guarantors. Citizens who organize without the state’s blessing drop out of the picture, as do the state policies that are racist in practice, if not in wording.”

Here’s one way of dealing with the taxes on your house…by tearing it downhere assesses how the current climate bills are insufficient to deal with a climate change of any sort and how if you really want to do something for the environment do it yourself and don’t wait on any politician.

Austro-Athenian Empire:

Roderick Long points out that Rand Paula and his opponentseem to have their foot in their mouth.

Finally some good news about a “same sex couple” who may have been sent to jail for activities the president wasn’t fond of in Malawi pardoned them. (Blog Section):

Darian points out James Tuttle’s cool handout to pass out to show solidarity for George Donnelly here.

Free Association (Sheldon Richman’s Blog)

Sheldon easily dismantles the strawmans against libertarianism in a quick 1-2 punch which can be found here.

Free Dissent*:

Scott Ferrie is a frequent poster (And to be more precise the one of three posters so far at Free Dissent for right now) and posted an interesting article about whether the Individualist Anarchist Benjamin Tucker was Anarchist or Capitalist (Indicating that you can’t be a capitalist without being anti-anarchist or something, something I don’t completely buy but regardless…) while I don’t agree with everything on the post I found it interesting and worth the read, you can find it here.

And not to toot my own horn (But I will anyways!) I had a pretty cool piece on Tucker’s Big Four Monopolies and how they were expanded on by Charles Johnson and Darian Worden which can be found here.

Mutualist Blog: Free Market Anti-Capitalism:

At P2P Kevin is having excerpts from his upcoming release HomeBrew Industrial Revolution, this is the first excerpt from his second chapter, check it out here.

Perichoresis Zine*:

At the Perichoresis blog I wrote about recent commentary that Thomas L. Knapp at has been posting about art and so I expanded on his commentaries a bit with some of my own.

Polycentric Order:

Here’s Alex Strekal on how Freedom has a social context and that it’s important to be wary of any concentration of power or worse yet apologists for such power in the name of libertarianism and “living free”.

An excerpt:

“It is true that a position of power is not absolutely or inherently authoritarian, in the sense that someone can refrain from exercising it or using it to impose an institutional monopoly. But it is also true that the circumstance opens up the possibility of this and that authoritarian consequences are ultimately more likely to occur when power is concentrated. For example, a society in which the economic structure of power is plutocratic or one in which the distribution of land is feudal, is logically compatible with and an apt atmosphere for authoritarianism. The people who exclusively hold such massive amounts of power are in a better-suited position to control other people.”

Rad Geek People’s Daily:

How did you become an anarchist? A simple question that has gotten a lot of responses on Rad Geek’s site, check it out and contribute if you feel up to it.

And that’s it for this week, see you guys next week for another Blog Roll Call!