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Blog Roll Call for the week of 8/29/11


DB0 has a post about a strange phenomenon that’s going on that I don’t find funny at all either. What say you?

Check out what books AK Press has half off if you’re interested. It’s looks like an interesting collection and I figure they could use the monetary support either way.

FSK has a great post on the wonders of state-capitalism…well for the capitalists that is.

And oh…dear…just look at another one of DB0’s posts about idiots trying to pretend they know anything about sexism.

An excerpt,

“Remember, slaves were protected as well, because they were a valuable commodity. But this protection only existed inasmuch as it didn’t harm the slaveholder. Were the slaves to think and act for themselves, they would be put in their place quickly and decisively by their owner or society at large. Their protection existed only as long as they were not allowed to protect themselves.”

Even if many peopl aren’t fans of Francois Tremblay, I did find this post very interesting and fairly well argued at certain points. Check it out here.

An excerpt,

“The underlying belief that people should be “free to live in accordance with their conviction” is false. When your “convictions” involve hurting other people, they are wrong and should be suppressed, not encouraged. They are sick in the head.”

NeverFox has some choice words (many of them) about some bad definitions of government and anarchy.

One things for sure, you can rely on Phil Dickens for your info on how the class war in England is goin’.

A good post on the social relations between women and man and a bit of commentary on the article that spawned the discussion can be found here.

FSK has even more on how state-capitalism first and foremost benefits the ruling class first.

Bleeding Heart Libertarians

Many different interesting and insightful posts from BHL this week, here’s the ones in particular I liked:

A great question from Matt Zwolinski blogs post is, “What are you going to do with your gun?”. This post is great for it’s pointing out of minorities (especially blacks) wanting less gun control and bringing up the Black Panther Party as an example.

An important excerpt:

“For me, this article provides a dramatic illustration of a fundamental theme of bleeding heart libertarianism: the special importance of liberty for oppressed and marginalized groups. Today, we see opposition to gun control as a primarily white, male, Republican issue. But it was exactly that white, male, Republican group that was the most vociferous in supporting gun control when the people carrying the guns were young, black, militant men and women. The suppression of liberty in the case of guns – much like the suppression of liberty in the case of drugs – was largely motivated by racist fears about the abuse of that liberty by the “other.” And even if the suppression of liberty is perfectly general in form, it is almost always the marginalized “other” who suffers most by its loss.”

All power to the people!

Roderick Long has a rebuttal to Michael Lind’s article about criticizing libertarians and so on.

Finally, Gary Chartier has a big post about war and the state, and as Roderick “insightfully” quips, “he seems to be against them”.

Discourses on Liberty

I wrote a defense of thicker libertarianism that you can find here

Free Association

Shedlon Richman had two posts (found here and here) to what he sees as Michael Lind’s unfair look at what constitutes libertarianism.

Rad Geek People’s Daily

Lastly, Charles has some exciting news about the pamphlets he’s been distributing .

Special announcements, links, etc.

I’d like to bring it to everyone’s attention that Kevin Carson was on/is on (depending on when you’re reading this” Carson’s Corner…er Bob Carson’s corner, an “underground progressive” radio show. I can’t maintain a connection myself but hopefully others will find it a good listen. You can find it on Bob’s podcasts.

At the moment I can’t think of much more to log or really to announce, though I should have a blog up tomorrow at my usual date of Monday for those of you who care.

Closing words

Well I hope everyone is doing well and my blog tomorrow will most likely be a response to this video on whether the Anti-Corn Law movement was effective as a political movement and whether it’s comparable to Ron Paul or not and him getting elected.


Youtube Videos for 9/3/11: Responding to churchofstfu on the Coerciveness of the Market (Part 1 + 2)


Refuting The Anti-Corn Laws League and the Ron Paul Appeal

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