Some people like to wage the war of ideas when they don’t even know their opponents ideas.

An excerpt:

‘”The East India Companies of Britain and the Netherlands behaved that way,” Cole writes. “[And] India was not conquered by the British government, but by the East India Company. Likewise what is now Indonesia was a project of the Dutch East India Company.”

However, while intended as a critique of anarchism, Cole’s examples only bolster the critique of the state. The East India Companies, after all, were chartered by the British government, granted trade monopolies by the British government, and had their claim to properties, most of which were looted from poor foreigners, protected by the British government.”

Want a some alternative views on the London riots? This seems like a pretty good bet then. Please note I do not completely agree with all of the opinions expressed here but I think a lot of them make good points.

Arm your Mind for Liberty

George Donnelly has some good stuff on communicating with statists. As well as some words on the rioting in the UK.

Austro-Athenian Empire

Roderick has an interesting moral quandary you might be interested in checking out.

Bleeding Heart Libertarians

Andrew Cohen has some ideas on understanding and libertarianism. Not sure whether I agree with or not but I think it’s interesting enough to be worth checking out either way. And Fernando Tenson has a sort of test to judge the idea of toleration.

Special announcements

As you can see my blog has turned into a repository of my latest writings, videos, blubs, ideas and so on. Admittedly this is probably what this blog should have been before instead of some sort of project I wanted to do for my big writings. Right now I find this a perfect compromise for what I’d like to do this blog and I don’t think I’ll resume those big blog projects any time soon. As it turns out I did not do a Youtube video yesterday but I may do one today, I’m unsure either way. Regardless expect another blog on something tomorrow.

In other news Kevin Carson’s Homebrew Industrial Revolution is now on Kindle! I haven’t read it yet myself but the premise sounds fascinating and since it’s Carson I must recommend it just on that basis alone.

Sheldon Richman also had a great article about how libertarians use of some language has alienated people unnecessarily.

Here’s an excerpt:

“Unfortunately, the emphasis on cooperation is not what nonlibertarians are likely to “know” about free-market economics and the normative freedom philosophy. They are more apt to associate these with “rugged individualism” than “social cooperation.” I have no doubt that a major reason for this is that our opponents who know better want the public to have a distorted sense of the genuinely liberal worldview. When President Bill Clinton declared (disingenuously) in his 1996 state of the union address, “The era of big government is over,” he followed up that sentence with this: “But we can’t go back to the era of fending for yourself.” But human beings have always been social/political animals. There was no era when men and women fended for themselves individually. The choice was between free and forced association.”

I’d also like to link this blog on why religion is like Stockholm Syndrome, it’s quite good and informative.

One last thing, I co-hosted Porc Therapy with the lovely Stephanie Murphy on Friday and you can find the two hours of discussing thick libertarianism, left libertarianism, the power of language, if kids need homework and more!

Links for both hours are here and here.

I’m happy to say that I’ll be co-hosting it with Stephanie every second Friday of the month! So please look out for that. I shall always use it as an opportunity to promote the left and thick libertarian and more!

Ok…ONE last thing, I’m working on and hopefully it’ll be fully operational before this upcoming week is over.

Last words

I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their weekend, liberty, equality and solidarity to ALL!