Time to make my return! Let’s get started with some good ‘ol fashioned blog roll call and see what’s up in the world of anarchism this week!


I don’t know about duty to post this far and wide but after only looking up a little bit about what’s going on in Bahrain I can say I don’t feel there’s any good reason not to repost this. Keep in mind that we don’t necessarily have to support people just because they’re revolting. It’s good to keep in mind what actions they are doing, how the system is responding, what system the people are looking for, etc. etc. In this case however the protesters (from what I’ve read in Wiki) seem to be vastly more in the right than the government is. And even if they’re asking for a new government a revolution will need to be more gradual towards true freedom and not happen all at once anyways.

Phil talks here about the negative side of the “recover” that’s only going on for the ruling class and not the working one.

An excerpt that might peak your interest:

“We are likely to see another rapid escalation in the class war being waged against workers very soon. It is no longer that much of a stretch to imagine a significant section of the world economy being dragged into the same mire as Greece if things go particularly bad. If that happens, then the same brutal response inflicted upon that country by the IMF will certainly follow. The cuts will go beyond a scale we are yet able to imagine.”

Here’s an article about how the Norway incident is showing obvious signs of racism in the media and governments.

In other news, AK Press could use your help!

Arm Your Mind for Liberty

George Donnelly has been flat out rocking at his blog this week!

To start off with George has 4 different posts on mutual aid societies, the one that gets special mention (since it was posted July 31st) is the one that started it.

After that George had a huge response to people who criticized his idea.

He then gave a great example of something at least similar to what he’d like to see.

And then finally he gave one specific criticism its own blog post response.

George also had two different posts on why statists are not the enemy and (in my opinion) how to effectively communicate your ideas.

A few odds and ends posts George made on defriending people on Facebook and 7 Signs You Might be a Fundamentalist Libertarian are also worth checking out.

Austro-Athenian Empire

Roderick has a call for papers that some may be interested in.

Bleeding Heart Libertarians

Andrew Cohen certainly has some interesting thoughts leading him to be against subjectivity.

I think this post is worth checking out even if the post isn’t necessarily all about libertarianism I think it’s quite clear that it’s related to it and what libertarians want to say about the world.

Mutualist Blog: Free Market Anti-Capitalism

AnCap Tees, if they’re good enough for Carson they’re good enough for me (in this case)!

Carson has some great things to say about why the welfare for the poor isn’t enough and why the state is just welfare for the rich.

One of the many great excerpts I could put:

“These interventions include patents and copyrights. They include enforcement of absentee title to vacant and unimproved land, which has never been altered by human labor — the only legitimate means of appropriating land in a free market (in fact, the government pays landowners tens of billions to hold land out of cultivation). They include enforcement of entry barriers to free competition in the supply of credit. And they include enforcement of regulatory cartels, mandated artificially high capital outlays, and all sorts of other entry barriers.

The cumulative effect is to make land and capital artificially scarce, impose overhead costs and other penalties on self-employment, and raise the price of the means of production and subsistence relative to the price of labor. As a result, government intervention shifts income from those who work to those who live off the rents of artificial property rights and artificial scarcity.”

Rad Geek People’s Daily

Well Mr. Johnson is at it again! He’s got some new material lined up for you if you subscribe and dole out a bit of cash. Find out more here.

Special announcements

I’m throwing in my ideas into the wonderful Agora I/O #2 “Laozi” and encourage others to do so as well.

Tentatively I shall be doing these three things:

1. Dual Power: Agorism for the Revolutionary Left Libertarian

2. A mini solo concert of me playing bass guitar to Rage Against The Machine’s eponymous album.

3. Talking about polyamory and left-libertarianism and what they mean outside of each other and together.

I’d also like to happily say that the Left-libertarian Youtube Collective I help organize had it’s latest release this week with State Socialism and Anarchism: how far they agree and wherein they differ by Benjamin Tucker. Colin Barnes did an amazing job and I encourage everyone to check it out.

Lastly, my talk at AltExpo #8 has been up for a while called “The Value of Left Libertarianism Through Effective Communication” and I encourage everyone to check it out as well as the polyamory panel I linked from Alt Expo #9. A special shout out to Justin Lee for linking it here which I hadn’t been aware of before.

Thanks Justin!

Closing comments

There was a lot of info on this post so I hope it made up for my lack of activity lately, much more to come in the coming days! Expect this blog to basically be an archive of all of my work so far starting yesterday. 🙂