So I’ve decided to scrap the original idea behind my blog which was to have a 4 part series, one part every week and replace it with a post every Monday about whatever I want. It doesn’t have to be related to anarchism and I am certainly not putting this blog to as much use as I should be so I figured I should change things up.

To do that I shall repost articles of mine (basically cross posting them) on here whenever I post them on different sites as well as posting things that are especially on my mind at the time. On Sunday I shall keep doing the Blog Roll Call whenever I can. I still hope to do a big blog post once per month on something I particularly find important to discuss.

This is all very much a rough sketch of what my blog is to become and I’m not sure how many people I’ll ever get to pay attention to this thing. But I’ve learned throughout blogging that that’s not really what’s important nor what’s important to me. What is important to me is that I make good use of the things I have. And for me, using this in a constructive matter means keeping a detailed record of my writings that I post on other sites, writing out things that are on my mind and doing essay like blog posts that will help extrapolate my thoughts in a more articulate matter.


A few links I’d like you to check out:

Alliance of the Libertarian Left’s of New England’s Facebook Page:

The website is up but needs work so I’l need to make sure I can get on it and do that work asap.


A left-libertarian Youtube Collective I help organize. And you can find the forum for it here.

Gonzo Times:
I post here (usually) every Wednesday

Discourses on Liberty:

I post here (usually) every Friday

My Youtube Channel: I (usually) post here every three days but sometimes it’s a schedule of Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday being the usual days I’ll upload. It’s not necessarily all three or even two of those but at least one per week is almost always the case.

As I said I will post on this blog Mondays and Sundays.

If anyone has any questions or comments on how to change this blog for the better I am open to ideas.