Francois Tremblay has some interesting things to say on psycological egoism.

“In general, the way psychego proponents have of rationalizing altruism is through some psychological benefit. Their belief that there is some psychological benefit that outweighs the loss is absolute; if the person reports no such benefits, then they must be “subconscious” or “instinctual,” which is where evolutionary psychology comes into play and piles up its own “just so” stories on top of the ones already existing.

If we adopt this method, then nothing can disprove psychego. Some justification can always be made up to justify any action, as long as it doesn’t have to be quantified. Therefore, like all positions which cannot be falsified, it is essentially meaningless.”

An interesting look at the relation between post structuralism and anarchism can be found here.

A particularly good passage:

“It is vital that the two key elements of anarchism, autonomy and community do not become separated. Often they are treated as if they are independent variables. But this is not the case. Anarchism is not about autonomy and community, but autonomy in community. [8] It is the idea of community, of living with other human beings in a voluntary social order, that is vital both to the central concern of anarchism for equality, and to the notion of constructing one’s freedom in a cooperative interchange with others.”

Charles Davis on some real anarchist solutions and false ones

A quote:

“Rather than hand the state’s telecom monopoly to the highest bidder, the Guatemalan government could have — and to my warped syndicalist mind, should have — turned it over to the Guatemalan people. Each citizen of the country could have been given a share in the company and a say in how it was run; perhaps they’d vote to delegate that authority to an elected board. Or the state could have divided its telecom monopoly amongst its workers, who could run as a cooperative. Either option, or a combination of both, would have better protected the rights and, indeed, property of those poor Guatemalans who put their time and money into GUATEL than merely auctioning it to the multinational corporation with the most money.”

Why are you an anarchist? It’s a good question. And it’s a question addressed here.

Jock has some useful advice on the divides among anarchists.

That’s actually all the stuff I have for you guys today insofar as this week is concerned but I do have a few things of import to still show.

Special announcements/Significant links

I’ve got a good post from Mike Peinovich here explaining why Osama doesn’t matter.

“Ultimately though, none of it matters. Even if “Osama bin Laden” is real, even if “Al Queda” is real, and even if these people really did do 9/11 it doesn’t matter. The people that call themselves “The United States” are ultimately responsible. Even if we believe the official narrative of what happened on 9/11, it is clear that it was a reaction to previous provocative actions by “The United States.” Not only that, it was one of the best things to ever happen to that group of people and they have a clear incentive to continue to provoke such actions.”

And my own posts at Discourses on Liberty (a new anarchist blog I will be adding to the blog roll call and taking blogs from starting next week) are here. Of special interest I hope shall be my latest article “Addressing the Voting Question”.

My introductory post is here, my post positing libertarianism is inherently revolutionary (properly understood as anarchism) is here, and finally my latest huge blog article on being against voting is here.

Concluding remarks

It seems I may not have much of a chance of getting jobs while I’m in Grafton NH which (as time goes on) may open time to be able to do new series’s on here…eventually!