Apologies about not blogging as of late. I just made the move to Gratfon NH last Sunday and so I obviously couldn’t do it then. I do have the time to blog now though so I’ll get underway with that.


I encourage any fellow anarchist that sees this to donate to the Laughing Horse Collective, even a few dollars could do a lot for this small collective that could be shut down! Here’s your chance to show some mutual aid and solidarity!

The Labor Party: Not the party of labor

Shawn P. Wilbur talks more about the collective horse here and you can add to the chip in here.

Francois Tremblay takes note of several common fallacies used to illegitimately demonize people here.

Voting does not mean apathy, work for the alternatives instead.

FSK has some more reasons why the birther issues are irrelevant…though as an anarchist you shouldn’t need any more reasons.

Sexism? In MY Mortal Kombat? It’s more likely than you think.

Austro-Athenian Empire

Roderick has some choice words to say about property.

“But for libertarians, a basic respect for other people’s moral agency implies that no use of force is justified unless in response to someone’s initiation of force. Hence in order for a scheme of property rights to be justified in a libertarian framework, it must be shown not just that violating such rights has bad results but that violating such rights counts as initiatory force against some person – a much higher bar.”

A very confusing and complicated discussion is going on below it, it gets to the level of some pretty deep philosophical stuff, so try your hand at it and see if you can make sense of it.

Rad Geek People’s Daily

Charles has more updates on the Market Anarchy series and more!

He also has a bit more of a somber post about military targets.

“Somewhere out there, at the bottom of the chain of command, there is a soldier from America or Europe who pulled the trigger and fired a missile into a house full of people on the off chance that it might kill a politically-significant target. He killed a baby and two toddlers instead. He must be so proud.

When he comes back home, people will clap him on the back and tell him “Thank you for your service” and those of us who suggest that there is nothing noble or courageous about shooting missiles into residential neighborhoods and murdering babies will be told what a bunch of naifs, or ingrates, or wretches we are if we blame those who were just following orders, instead of “supporting the troops.”‘

Significant links

Some links that I couldn’t link for whatever reason but want to do so here

Some decent critiques of anarcho-capitalism.

An excellent article by Sheldon Richman on the so called “gilded age of capitalism” can be found here.

Closing remarks

So I’m not sure what’s up for the future of this blog, it heavily depends on what I do for jobs and how busy I am these days. I shall continue to update my Facebook (of course) and my Youtube channel as much as possible. But since this blog is for (generally speaking) major writing projects on political issues regarding market anarchism, what it is, what a society based on its principles may look like and what those principles are, etc. I don’t have much time to update this blog.

This is all to say that on the list of things to update this falls after my Facebook and Youtube for the sheer amount of effort and (generally) the lack of responses I actually get.

Now, I am not abandoning this blog by any means but I’d like to let anyone who reads this know that I have this site very much on the back burner right now due to me still trying to get things settled here in Grafton.

I’ll give updates in as much as practical. And I shall also be publishing another one of my philosophy papers next Wednesday and hopefully my final paper for history will be up the Wednesday will be up after that.

Hope everyone has a good rest of the weekend.