Not many blogs this week, my main source of blogs, anarchoblogs, didn’t really have anything to post…

Free Association

Sheldon Richman has something for Randian IP advocates to think about.

The Emptiness

Mike’s got a recent post about tax day


Some interesting things that I’ve been looking at that I’d like to share. Hopefully this makes up for the lack of blog posts:

While I don’t always follow CATO I did find this talk very interesting. It’s a talk about the Hayekian ideas of imperfect knowledge and how they may apply to the critiques of classical liberalism by the Rawlsians, egalitarians, communitarian and more.

Speaking of communitarians, I was watching an interesting video yesterday and read a few interesting articles:

First the video here is about a political theorist named Robert Nisbit who probably isn’t well known in libertarian circles but is talked about quite a bit in this video.

Now I recommend the video because it brings up the interesting idea of a “communitarian libertarian” and while that may seem oxymoronic to some, I think this article does a good job of trying to synthesize the ideologies.

And finally Roderick Long has an excellent recent paper called How to Reach the Left which I highly recommend.

Closing statements

Again, apologies about the lack of material this week, I’ll be posting up a new essay next week however and I’ve got some projects in mind for future use so keep an eye out for those as well!