Apologies about not doing an update last week, I either forgot or I was really busy, but I believe it was the former.


A German blogger asks an interesting question: Why has Lady Gaga been silent on Bradley Manning’s Torture?

Phil has an interesting post about more decentralized and spontaneous marches.

Blind trust in religion is still around unfortunately.

And it’s funny how he said, “God didn’t intend for this to happen…” as if God somehow is not strong enough to prevent tsunamis but can create all of existence.

Francois Tremblay has some interesting and insightful things to say about decision making in a more anarchist society.

A few passages that I especially liked:

“If we make a comparison of both systems when they break down, we find that consensus at its worst is as good as democracy at its best. After all, at its best, the results of any form of democracy is determined by two forces: the moneyed minority which has the power of capital behind it, and the majority opinion which has the power of groupthink and intimidation behind it.”

“The problem with people criticizing consensus systems is that they want to have their cake and eat it too, that is to say, they want a system that respects minorities (in theory) and then bulldozes them when it’s time to take any actual decision.”

“I think the underlying problem is a belief that decision-making systems must necessarily force resolution, even where there is a profound disagreement between people. But this is exactly what we, as Anarchists, do not want.”

FSK reveals (well reveals may be a bit much…) the obvious hypocrisy in Obama coming out against bullying here.

What would an anarchist society do for the people in Lybia? Jock finds the answer pretty easy to see.

Arm Your Mind For Liberty

George has an interesting post on what he calls the “activist arc”.

Austro-Athenian Empire

Has David Friedman completely done away with the need for class theory in his rebuttal to Professor Long? Long argues that class is not dismissed.

Free Association

Sheldon has a good post citing two simple reasons why the UN should not declare war on Libya here.

Special announcements

I’m sad to say that Free Dissent has been closed because of lack of posts and interest as well as money to expand it, in addition I shall take off the other zine that I contributed to a few times since that’s been dead for a while.

On the positive side this will give me more time to work on my Youtube channel and this blog and perhaps more.

My talk at the Agora I/O is still happening next week, Saturday at 9 AM (so far the only talk at that time and I’m hoping it stays that way so I don’t have too much competition) and will be on Incremental Agorism and its Proper Applications.

If anyone wants me to email them my first revisioned copy I can do that by tonight (hopefully) but only if you give some comments, etc.

That’s it for this week, hopefully I’ll eventually get back to posting a series or two here, I have a few ideas in my head as far as ideas for a new series goes but as usual I’ve hardly had the time.