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In which RadGeek keeps his cool and kicks ass.

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Mike gives his thoughts on the recent union activities in Wisconsin and unions in general

Special announcements

I have quite a few extra things to share with you guys this week.

First off George Donnelly is hoping to promote some things he’s working on and some projects he thinks could use your support.

I’d also like to announce that I’ll be holding a speech at the Agora I/O on March 26th at 9 AM which is a Saturday. This talk will be called, “Incremental Agorism and its proper applications” and will address how agorism might be better done, the expectations of the agorist and how best to meet them and more.

To research agorism and make sure I’m ready for this speech I will be reading The New Libertarian Manifesto by SEK III, Agorist Class Theory, The Agorist Primer and The LAst Whole Introduction to Agorism.

All of which can be found here

I will also be going to the NYC anarchist bookfair and I hope to see many of my fellow anarchists there. If you’d like to connect I recommend using this

Also, speaking of the AltExpo, I’ll be there for Porcfest at AltExpo #9 giving a speech about a left-libertarian FAQ and hoping to host this year’s anarcho-summit.

So although I’m on Spring Break right now I don’t think I’ll have enough time to get around to do a new series sadly. I’ll most likely be spending most of my spare time working on my upcoming speeches and other things.

Hopefully once this next semester of college is over and I drop out I should hopefully have more time to start this blog up a bit more.

In the mean time, as usual, I hope these blog roll calls and frequent postings of various political topics contained in essays hold you guys over.