John has some interesting notions of what having a bias can mean.

Arm Your Mind For Liberty

George Donnelly has been on fire this week with three fantastic posts that I want to share.

First off he has a post that explains how corporate controlled capitalism does almost nothing for the poor and almost everything for the rich.

Second George has a post on whether anarchists actually depend on the system they want to eliminate but reveals that it’s not so simple

A few passages I found particularly good,

“This world was handed to us. We had little if any role in creating this corporate-run, state-appropriated environment. We use the roads and sidewalks, not because we depend on or endorse government, but because doing so makes them ours (homesteading). We also have no other choice. We make do with what we have as we subvert it in service of the good and right. If we have benefited from the state’s crimes, all the more just that we should use that illicit privilege to destroy its source. An anarchist using Comcast internet, facebook, corporate supermarkets and state-licensed taxis is not hypocritical. She is simply making the most of the few tools left to her.”

“Am I spitting on the system that raised me? You bet – except it didn’t really raise me. I grew up in spite of it. It’s screwed up. It’s unjust. It is hurting people. It is killing people! I spit on it. Does that make me thankless? Thankless for government schools, subsidized processed foods and intellectual property tyranny? Every incidence of state control cuts out opportunities for better solutions.”

And lastly George has a wonderful post on knocking down the fallacy of the “love it or leave it” attitude shared by many statists.

Mutualist Blog: Free Market Anti-Capitalism

Kevin Carson has an update on the C4SS fundraiser, donate if you can!

The Emptiness

Mike has some interesting thoughts on corporations and bigness and whether it’s actually a problem or not.

Closing words

Not much to update this week, whether on actual blog posts or me doing any new series’s soon. I hope to start outlining them soon but I can’t guarantee that’ll happen even next week or later. Regardless I hope everyone enjoys what’s left of the rest of the weekend.