If Egyptians can’t get statelessness what might be the next best thing? Jock has some answers here.

Francois Tremblay on some fascinating ideas on competition.

A few passages,

“This may seem strange to some people, as capitalism has been often labeled an individualist philosophy. But competition by its very nature is conformist. When you compete to win, you have to perform the same actions as everyone else, or you have to be compared to everyone else on the same grounds.”

“The individual may be driven by his values to enter a game, but while he is within it, he subverts his true desires in order to attempt to “win” in the long run. Trying to be an individual by competing is a trap because all competition in our society molds the individual to itself, forces the individual into social roles which he must adhere to, and forces him to see his actions in relation to other people’s. There is no way to “win” except by losing your individuality, the only thing you were supposedly seeking in the first place.”

“One may reply that I am no longer talking about “healthy competition,” but rather about something entirely different. But it is the very definition of competition that some people win and most people lose.”

FSK talks about why the system is ultimately unsustainable .

Free Dissent

Sheldon Richman has had a bunch of posts on his blog about the revolutions in Egypt but this one is probably the most in depth and substantial.

Mutualist Blog: Free Market Anti-Capitalism

Kevin Carson has a plea for helping out the fundraiser for

Special announcements

I’ve created this section for special entries, articles, websites and so forth I’d like to share in addition to the blogs I already endorse and share, etc.

This week I’d like to first and foremost like to strongly recommend Sheldon Richman’s piece in The American Conservative called Libertarian Left: Free-market anti-capitalism, the unknown ideal.

This is a fantastic overview of what left-libertarianism is and should be read by any left-libertarian as well as any person interested in the subject. I can’t recommend this fantastic article enough.

I’d also like to account my lack of blogs (which my be rectified through the return of me doing a series of blog posts again soon) to my Youtube channel which I shall shamelessly plug:

Closing words

That’s all for this week, hopefully I shall have time to really start outlining my ideas for my next series.

A little hint at what it’ll about: My next series will most likely what would serve as the best backbone of an anarchist society (such as values, beliefs, etc.) in an attempt to start etching out what my preferred vision of an anarchist society might look like.