Wow, I haven’t done this in a while huh? Don’t expect this to be coming back but I’m on October recess so I figure I have some time to do this.


First up there’s some interesting words related to individualism that the comedian George Carlin said which can be found here

FSK on how the bankers are really contradicting themselves as of late.

Phil discusses how the workers still get robbed even after appealing to the government, mistake number one for them.

Tremblay talks about criticisms of the STV and LTV and tries to refute them here. And while I don’t subscribe to either I think this conversation is interesting and not only that but certainly worth having.

Arm Your Mind for Liberty

George talks about how libertarians can disrupt the negative trends going on in America here.

Free Dissent*

Scott’s latest post which is on politics

The Emptiness

To finish it off, finally someone agrees with my that voting is not only impractical but violent as well, see the criticisms here.

Well that’s it for me for this week, not much to really link unfortunately. Regardless, I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their Sunday!