So like I’ve been saying I still haven’t had any time to do blogs, at best what I’ll be able to do like I said before is post some of my papers on Facebook and a blog every now and then on Free Dissent and during a lax period maybe a submission to C4SS. Outside of that, me doing any sort of paper on this site once per month is probably not happening but I’d still like to do one big paper per month instead of four blogs to make up for a lack of blogs so if I can that’s what I’ll do. Anyways here’s the links for this week I found worth sharing.


FSK seems to be one of my main men when it comes to blog on this site. This one is on the ridiculousness of copyright and how it killed Superman.

An excerpt:

“Another issue is “Who owns the rights to the Superman cartoons/movies that were already made?” How does the revenue from that get split? The recent Superman movie was started after the “reclaim copyright” lawsuit was filed.

Intellectual property law leads to stupid lawsuits like this one. Even if you believe in “intellectual property”, copyright was supposed to be “for a limited time”. The correct answer is that “intellectual property” is not property.

Sherlock Holmes, Shakespeare, Mark Twain, Alice in Wonderland, and Charles Dickens are all public domain. Anybody can make a story based on them. Everything from the 20th century is locked up by copyright and owned/controlled by a corporation. That is silly.”

More from FSK, Homeland Security works for Disney. And finally he shares how the current police state is funded through big business interests here.

This is a particularly good section of it:

“In Nazi Germany, you were encouraged to rat out your neighbors if they were protecting Jews. In the Soviet Union, you were encouraged to rat out your neighbors if they are hiding food or goods. In the USA, you are encouraged to rat out your neighbor is he is operating a business without a permit. You are encouraged to rat out your neighbor if he is engaging in forbidden economic activity or has forbidden plants/guns.

On the NYC subway, I saw a sign “$1000 reward if you report someone with an unlicensed gun!” My reaction to that sign is “Would anyone really sell out their gun-owning friend/relative for only $1000?” $1000 was insultingly low. Do the State police have credibility, regarding paying the reward? Can someone abuse the process by filing a false tip?

Suppose you file an Anonymous complaint “FSK is growing marijuana in his basement.” (I’m not.) State thugs conduct a no-knock raid of my home. I ask the State thugs “WTF? Why did you raid my home?” They will reply “We got an Anonymous tip?” I ask “Who?” They will say “Sorry, FSK. Anonymous tips are confidential.” This encourages fraud. Someone could file a false complaint. Some undercover cop could file the false complaint, just so they could raid my home. Many things are illegal that aren’t real crimes, further encouraging abuse.

Suppose I operate a restaurant out of my home. Someone with a State restaurant license has an economic incentive to file a complaint against me. I don’t even get to find out who filed the complaint! The State police are a private army, protecting State-licensed businesses from competition.

There are undercover cops who troll the Internet, looking for people operating a business without a State permit. These undercover cops are really economic secret police. For that reason, agorists should not use Craigslist or eBay. “Write agoristbay” is on my todo list.”

Want to throw some wrenches in the tax system? Mr. Gross has some good insight on how to do that from others.

Don’t be fooled by political rhetoric, the Iraq war is hardly over

Francois Tremblay askes the question: Who’s really the sociopath?

Arm Your Mind for Liberty

George Donnelly has some sound advice for anyone doing some liberty activism.

Austro-Athenian Empire

How does inequality shape our lives? Dr. Long explains how here.

Free Association

Sheldon does a beautiful refutation of a reporter who thinks he knows what Obama thinks.

That’s it for this week and I’d like to also say that anarchoblogs has decided to post my posts on their website so it’s a cross pollination of sorts…or something…yeah. Anyways I hope to get to that paper sometime soon and I’ll do four Blog Roll Calls as a means of typing my readers over combined with the rare posts on Free Dissents and every other day note posting on Facebook.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.