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Blog Roll Call for the week of 9/6/10

I probably won’t be able to do blogs for a long while, at least I can post notes on my FB and the rare post on Free Dissent but between practicing bass, friends, college, and various other things I’ll just have little to no time to make long blogs. And even assuming I could do one or two there’d be no telling how many more I could actually do and actually do it in order, etc. Therefore I may relegate this site to just Blog Roll Calls till December for winter break. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause for readers of mine but it’s just what I might have to do.


What does an insurgency mean and how will it work? DB0 talks a little about it here.

Little Alex talks about prohibition lite in some states of the US and the debate over what to do it.

FSK says: Dealings with the state are a sentence to death if refused.

An excerpt,

“You refuse to pay the parking ticket, and the State thugs have a judgement against you. The State police have a piece of paper that says they may steal your car. The police see you driving, order you to stop, and attempt to steal you car. Suppose you say “WTF? That’s my car!” You have a gun and try to defend your property. The police will shoot and kill you.”

FSK also talks about the meaningless 9th and 10th amendments here. Lastly, FSK talks about how Rad Geek (AKA Charles Johnson) might be in a bit of trouble.

Don’t trust the police or the system to do what it says it’s going to do.

Finally Francois on an interesting post of why no centralization is good, political or otherwise here.

Free Association

Sheldon Richman has some lessons to learn from 9/11 here And asks what does never forget mean exactly?

Free Dissent

While I have not been posting in a while on here (which I hope to rectify if I get some free time) Scott Ferrie has had a bunch of good posts including one on the uncivilized reaction against state action and The French Revolution.

Seems like Mike Golguski has something to say about the so called “lack of transparency in WikiLeaks organization.

The Emptiness

Mike has something cool in mind, a series about state-socialism, you can check out the introduction here and the first part is on that page.

That’s it for this week, I’m glad I could squeeze this into my schedule and show people I still care about the site I just don’t have the time to show that more than this right now.


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  1. You’re quite welcome, I like the stuff you’re doing, especially the book reads and so forth, keep it up my left-lib ally! 🙂

  2. Thanks for the link.

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