I know I haven’t been updating much and I’ll try to solve that next week if I can but at the moment I’m still settling in college and trying to sort things out and get through orientation. That being said, hopefully this Blog Roll Call is something I can continue to do at the least and I’ll also be posting semi-daily old blogs from my Myspace on my Facebook. So hopefully those two things and the occasional update on Free Dissent will keep people who like my work satisfied.


FSK reveals some more double standards that the state lays down to protect it’s own. And talks about some of the flaws of the current health care system, specifically the doctors.

Jock talks about how Marxism really doesn’t fall within the lines of anarchism here.

An excerpt:

“Marxism is unashamedly revolutionary, and violently revolutionary at that. The oppressed proletariat must overthrow the “present day state” of the “capitalist/imperialist” oppressors and establish an alternative form of a state, albeit “temporary”, during the reign of which they become the oppressors of the previous oppressive class. During this time they expropriate the private property of the “capitalists” and turn it over to collective ownership.

If one type of state is bad, all types of state are bad; or at least that’s how it seems to me, and one so overtly founded on violent revolution is supremely bad, whatever the evils from which it is attempting to escape, and however small the minority it wishes to eradicate.”

Little Alex shares an article that sheds some light on how the media has been lying about the end of the Iraq war, color me surprised.

Charles Davis on the Siren Call of Politics and what it means and what to do.

A really sad thing is when kids get discriminated against just because they’re not as hyper about the world as their fellow kids may be, this is an example of such a thing.

Arm Your Mind for Liberty

What exactly is George Donnelly? Click here to find out.

Austro-Athenian Empire

Mr. Long has a great post about the novelization of Star Wars Episode 3 here and definitions of vulgar libertarians here.

Free Dissent*

Todd Andrew Barnett has a new post up here about the evasion on gay marriage by libertarians.

Mutualist Blog: Free Market Anti-Capitalist

Carson has another blog post, this time about sweat shops.

And that’s it for this week, hopefully I can get into the swing of things and then post two blogs next week and the Blog Roll Call, here’s to hoping.