DB0 talks about how firms need to downsize and not centralize via management consulting.

An excerpt,

“It doesn’t matter that the people doing this job are bright. It doesn’t matter if they have more time than the management they are consulting (who are surprisingly being paid to do this but “don’t have enough time”). What matters is that there is no handbook on how to make such decisions that can ever apply to every kind of market in the same way, and yet management and their consultants keep weaving this lie that one can possibly make decisions on every kind of business given enough time and spreadsheets.

It’s nonsense. A scam. A fraud on a criminal scale perpetuated by the new nobility and their lackeys who get to make the big bucks by pulling decisions out of their arse.”

Well it’s not that we have an empire addiction, it’s more accurately that the government does.

Here you can find Phil talking about how cruelty in response to cruelty is no real response at all.

FSK seems to like to talk about the court system and how it’s busted, this is just another reason why. He also has this excellent post on the double standards of the state.

Arm Your Mind For Liberty

George has three posts I found worth sharing on his thoughts on some of the Stateless U’s questions which can be found here, here and here.

Free Dissent*

I had my third part of examining “thick” libertarianism and Scott Ferrie had two posts on mutualism, with non-vulgar market anarchists as mutualists and the mutualist cost principle.

Mutualist Blog: Free Market Anti-Capitalism

Finally Carson delivers a substantial post here, as Gary Charier said it’s long overdue and can be found here.

And with that a little bit shorter than usual Roll Call ends, I will not be blogging next week with maybe an exception of the Roll Call due to me moving to NH and settling into college so expect an update on that situation on my Facebook profile.

And although there wasn’t much from Anarchoblogs this week that I found worth reposting but I encourage anyone who can to donate to them here, they’ve extended their fundraiser till December 31st so get on it if you can!

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