DB0 talks how about spontaneous creativity is happening on Reddit.

Molly has a great post here on the Black Bloc and the tactics it uses. The post has some good things worth quoting including,

“Before engaging in any political act, it is of the utmost importance to first determine the intended goal of the act. In almost every case, the goal of the highest import is to affect change; often, this is impossible or implausible to achieve directly. Therefore, one must frequently resort to to affecting change indirectly; often by winning ideological converts.

I long to engage in this debate with my friends on the left. Do tactics matter? If so, how should they be guided? Should we do what feels good or should we do what works? What does “works” mean in the context of protests? What are the goals we are seeking to achieve? I contend that if we are hoping to achieve radical change, then tactics are foundational to that pursuit. The way to achieve radical change is to gain popular support from a wide swath of society. This doesn’t mean watering down ideology to make it palatable to the masses, but it does mean that we need to communicate our ideas in such a way that people will be able to hear, understand and consider them.”

A lot of the article criticized the tactics and also calling for an opening of conversation which I’m all for, this article is definitely worth checking it out.

FSK talks about how nullification is a very contradictory idea for libertarians to embrace here. And he also talks about the myth of George Washington and how this emulates the state propagandizing the population. And makes the case for having assault rifles here.

Government regulation isn’t doing much to stop the organ trade from going on as shown here and in fact is only benefiting the black market in the end.

Here’s some worker solidarity I can get behind, non-governmental politics involved, direct action, mutual aid, great stuff can be found here.

Arm Your Mind for Liberty

George compares the defense for private police and courts by Rothbard in For a New Liberty to his previous praise for Murphy’s defense of it here. He also talks about how taxation is theft.

Free Association

Sheldon discusses the contradictions in conservatism here and here. And awards the Nobel Prize to George W. Bush on this post.

Free Dissent*

While Free Dissent as mostly been inactive as of late I’ve been keeping it alive (barely) with my series on Thick Libertarianism which is continued in part two here.

Rad Geek

Charles has some cognitive dissonance by police offers to talk about.

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