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Blog Roll Call for the week of 8/9/10


Apparently DB0 has never heard of what Sakura can actually do with posts like this, he’ll have to give Naruto a lot more time til Sakura actually becomes useful but she DOES indeed become useful and while perhaps it is a bit sexist that she is useless until that point her character does develop and she becomes a lot stronger. Still though, I understand his problem with this perception of girls and you can look at the comments on his website for more information why this is.

The ever infamous Francois Tremblay talks about which should go first capitalism or the state?

He claims both institutions of oppression are formulated on the ideas of private property and goes on to say,

“So we can now see that the issue of accountability doesn’t even enter the picture. Both institutions proceed from the same basic principle (controlling objects, controlling people). Even very intelligent people like Chomsky can be fooled into believing that the institutions give people some form of choice or freedom, such as representative democracy. But the main feature of representative democracy is that all supposed choices are limited, molded and engineered by its leaders. And when a result does not please them, they simply ignore it or it is overturned by opposing factions when the time is right. Whatever one may believe, no actual positive change has been brought about by voting in a representative democracy, simply because its leaders have no reason to offer people a positive change.”

Shawn Wilbur brings out a text that discusses why plurality in a free society is necessary and why anarchism is both individualism and communist.

“Will they, then, be always dissatisfied, always struggling, never enjoying rest? They might feel at ease in a state of society where all economic possibilities had full scope, and then their energy might be applied to peaceful emulation and no longer to continuous struggle and demolition. This desirable state of things could be prepared from now, if it were once for all frankly understood among Anarchists that both Communism and Individualism are equally important, equally permanent; and that the exclusive predominance of either of them would be the greatest misfortune that could befall mankind.”

Is the problem in Afghanistan WikiLeaks? Not exactly.

FSK reveals how voting is even more of a waste of time then you might think it is here and also talks about how the state can manufacture consent through taxes and regulations. And while I’m not sure sexual harassment wouldn’t exist in a really free market I have no doubt that the bargaining power of workers would be greater.

1, 2, 3, 4 some Greeks aren’t going to take the poll tax no more! Mr. Gross also reports how he walks the walks when it comes to paying his war taxes, well done Mr. Gross. I also reccommend Mr. Gross’s Don’t Owe Nothin’ method and Gina Lunori’s If you Work For Peace, Stop Paying For War!

While I’m not always on board with the anarcho-left on certain things, I think this post is more or less a good one and worth reading. Phil also posted a good post on why community support and mutual aid need to be revived which can be found here.

Finally some people are giving up on the corporate life and moving to New Hampshire

Arm Your Mind For Liberty

George Donnelly also took a look at Do We Ever Really Get Out of Anarchy? by Alfred Cuzan and Robert Murphy’s ideas on private law and finally how the government acts like monopolies and to what extent here.

Austro-Athenian Empire

First off Mr. Long has some things to say about The Politics of Equality but more importantly he posted this never before scene of Return of the Jedi, get on it before it get deleted by the IP Nazis!

Free Association

Sheldon Richman talks about the evasion of the issue of gay marriage by some libertarians here and while I don’t oppose gays being married or having relationships I don’t think the state should be giving anyone privileges.

I oppose marriage in general something I may write about elsewhere at some point but for now I’d just like to say that I don’t support the state getting involved in other people’s lives. Yes not being able to see your partner is wrong but don’t hospitals also bar friends from seeing their dying friends in the ER? Aren’t there restrictions regardless? How far does the state have to open things up for you to be happy?

Generally I won’t make these sorts of comment but this issue bugs me and I shall post about it most likely on FB and tag Sheldon for further discussion.

Free Dissent*

Not much has been going on here but I did post an entry examining thick libertarianism via Charles Johnson’s “Libertarianism Through Thick and Thin” and plan on doing the second part sometime soon.

That’s all for this week and if you can please donate to anarchoblogs they could use a LOT more moeny for their fundraiser for the month of Julty and (this month) August, thanks and have a good one!


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  1. Right, then I don’t think we should support the state giving it to other groups they should do it on their own without the state, I’m not opposed to equality on this issue just equality on the state’s terms.

  2. “I don’t think the state should be giving anyone privileges.” Nor do I.

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