I apologize to anyone who’s been looking forward to any of my articles on the history of anarchism, no the site is not dead, I’ve just been on a vacation on a vacation with my family but now I’m back and to make it up I’ll do three blogs next week, the first two parts of the history series out of four and the normal blog roll call.


Some people still think the military should be strong and maintain the current American Empire (though they’d never call it that) but the real question is can the US afford an empire? It certainly doesn’t look like it:

“And to this date, he remains as optimistic—read: as arrogant—as ever, arguing, for example, that we need to bulk up our navy so it’s better able to “fight Somali pirates, police the Persian Gulf and deter Chinese expansionism in the Western Pacific.” Of course, our most recent imperial projects aren’t exactly going so well. It’s becoming increasingly clear that we’re not going to win the war in Afghanistan, as the people there continue turning against both us and the corrupt, illegitimate government we’ve installed. And we’re no more loved by Iraqis, whose government, for the first time in several decades, has allied itself with Iran. And yet Boot has his sights on Somali pirates and the Chinese.”

If you want any info on Tax Resisters David Gross is your man, from old school history of tax resisting to recent developments.

Looks like EMT’s have no real incentive to innovate on their services in saving people’s lives, lest they be arrested due to ridiculous regulations.

Let’s try and get that equality and freed markets down with a blog by NeverFox located here.

The state gives most of it’s agencies a nice name for the evil things it does, the “Ways and means committee” is no different.

Contradictions and UWSI in my government? It’s more likely than you think says Matt Crandall here.

Arm Your Mind For Liberty

George Donnelly and in full force too! He’s got too examinations of some very libertarian works such as No Treason and The Not So Wild, Wild West. He also has some other blogs worth checking out if you look at his site longer, which includes topic such as Wikileaks, Nonviolence and more!

Austro-Athenian Empire

Roderick has some things to say about the notion of equal protection

“Hence if the state of California denies to same-sex couples a right it grants to opposite-sex couples, or if the state of Arizona treats immigrants from Mexico differently from the way it treats immigrants from New Mexico (note that the clause’s language concerns persons, not citizens), how is this not a violation of the equal protection clause? ”

And the goes on to support the idea of state and most important individual secession,

“First, the Constitution cannot forbid state secession, since in view of the 10th Amendment it could do so only if the power to sever a state’s connection with the union were either reserved to the federal government or denied to the states, and no language in the Constitution does either. Hence any state has a constitutional right to secede.”

He continues in part two.

And that’s it for this week, once again I apologize for a lack of blogs lately but I plan on picking it up with my first ever four part series that I’ll be doing two parts of during the week as well as the blog roll call, see you then!