Hello, my name is Nick Ford, I am what’s called a Market Anarchist (capitalized for emphasis not grammar) which will be explained in a subsequent blog. For now however I just want to go over some basic premises of this blog, why it’s here, why am I making it, the sort of interaction you can expect to have with me, and so forth.

First off I’d like to say that this will (or at least I hope it will be) a very user friendly blog for people to contribute to, sound off on, and have their say in a fair and easy way. I’m hoping people will be able to share their opinions in a respectful and intelligent manner and that conversations don’t barrel down into a blaze of infamy through ad hominems and strawmans but regardless I encourage people to participate.

Second I’d like to say the the blog itself will be very political, it’ll almost always be political unless I for some specific reason feel compelled to post something else, and even then it’ll most likely have some relevance to politics. My recommendation if you do not like the content I post is to suggest what I write, I am open to suggestions about what to write all the time and will take just about any request seriously.  I cannot promises everyone I will always have them done in a timely manner (especially if I feel I need to research the topic more deeply) but I do promise that if I want to do it I shall A) let you know and B) tell you when it’s done. That said this will resemble my former Myspace blog in which I too requests there. At some point I will be posting my posts from that blog just so I can get some of my previous writings out there.

Continuing on I’d like to say that anyone is free to share their own blogs, websites, recommended reads with me or what have you or can reach me on Facebook if they look up my name. With that all of the way I’ll give a little backstory of how I became political in the first place and future goals I have.

It all started in the Fall of 2008 when my mother was going  out with my (now) second ex-step father, he had this band in his collection called Rage Against the Machine and I decided to listen to it. On the first day of listening to it I realized they were talking about injustices and some involved the government, well I looked it up and made my very first political poem which I shall eventually get around to posting. Regardless I then picked up The Bill of Wrongs by Molly Irvins which talked about how the Bush administration had basically forsaken the Bill of Rights. Now, coming from a mostly apolitical family (or at least my mom was, my dad left when I was two, but that’s not a topic I want to get into here) I had little political leanings. So in my mind it seemed to me that the Republicans=Fascists and the Democrats were the good people! They wanted to help out the poor after all….at least…that’s what they said they wanted.

So I became a democrat for a bit but not for too long, after a bit of a fling with supporting Obama (Yikes!) my ex-girlfriend (girlfriend at the time) in early 2009 gave me the World’s Shortest Political Quiz and I scored as a liberatarian. I wasn’t sure what that was so I looked into it a bit and found I agreed with them more than the democrats (during the school year I said I favored democrats and wrote an essay about it in English and saw their positions on a NY Times website and thought it was ok but imagine what I would have written had I done it now! Ha!)  so I quickly became a libertarianism. Though not before forgetting about the quiz, taking it two months later (again due to my ex-girlfriend who by the way to this day is still one of my best friends) and again scoring as a libertarian, I knew I had to know more so I found a libertarian group on Myspace and joined.

Within two-three months I was an anarchist.

From that point I remained what is called an “anarcho-capitalist” but eventually got to something called voluntaryism (Both concepts shall be explored later on) and am currently a voluntaryist with mutualist influences on land, banks and businesses  (This concept as well). But why did it happen so fast? Well I can sadly say I got so wrapped up in libertarianism and the internet that I was constantly on there and constantly learning new things, opinions, and especially anarchists ones, although there were only a few they seemed the best articulate and the most well reasoned even though at the time I thought a state of anarchy was impossible. I eventually learned though that it was possible and there were ways to get there, it just had to be done through the right methods and strategies like almost anything else. I learned the history of anarchism gradually (and still am) and learned more of the economics and philosophy behind it as well (still am on those fronts too). And so by September of 2009 I was a committed anarchist.

From there I read more in depth articles, mostly from the Mises Institute and various other websites, I never got into one specific writers, I usually did (and still do) read various people and try not to focus too much on one writer in particular.

I am currently reading mainly left-libertarian literature from C4ss.org and other resources as I find myself supporting a “left” interpretation of libertarianism (More on this later). Such prominent writers I frequently enjoy will probably be listed on the blog roll and other sites of interest I find.

And so I hope people will not only find this a good place to discover new ideas (or old perhaps and review them, etc.) and discuss them but to share their own and hopefully work out the so many loose ends in our lives as we inch our way ever slowly to more freedom in this world.

Thank you and please enjoy my blog.